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Sweet Monk Sweetens Naturally, zero calorie
  • Sweet Monk Sweetens Naturally, zero calorie
  • Sweet Monk Sweetens Naturally, zero calorie
  • Sweet Monk Sweetens Naturally, zero calorie
  • Sweet Monk Sweetens Naturally, zero calorie
SweetMonk - Liquid Monk Fruit Sugar Alternative - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

New on SwitchGrocery Canada

Not a fan of the aftertaste of most natural sweeteners? Or maybe they are not a fan of your upset stomach? Introducing SweetMonk!

Traditionally known as  "luo han guo,” monk fruit is a small fruit native to Southern China and Northern Thailand. Monk fruit extract is created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit and using a hot water extracting method to extract the "mogrosides," which contain all of the sweetness, but none of the fructose/glucose. SweetMonk is a great-tasting, all natural, and zero calorie sweetener, made of 100% monk fruit extract!

  • Add to smoothies, coffee, tea, elixirs, or other beverage of choice
  • Great for cooking, fat bombs, and desserts!
  • Only one ingredient - monk fruit extract!
  • One light (gentle) squeeze is equal to one serving, which is equal to approximately one tablespoon of sugar. This tiny jar goes such a long way!
  • Zero carb
  • Taste: Most people find that monk fruit doesn't have the aftertaste or upset stomach side effects of other sweeteners! Yay!
  • On the go: You can carry it in your purse, laptop bag, stroller or keep it in your car! 
  • One year shelf life, but we're sure you'll finish it sooner! 
  • 150 servings


Ingredients: Monk fruit extract

We're excited to work with Nicole and Kelsey behind SweetMonk from beautiful British Columbia (Canadian owned) to bring you an amazing sweetener that was created for people on the go! If you have any more questions, here you go!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Replaced my liquid stevia

I ordered this to try it out after using liquid stevia for years. This is SO much better. There's zero aftertaste with all the sweetness you could want. I will definitely be ordering this on the regular.


I really love this sweetener! I’m going to order more soon. No weird aftertaste like my Now stevia. Maybe it was only my bottle it seemed to squirt out in random directions and it made me sad as it’s like gold to me. I figured out how to place the bottle in the cup now to avoid waste/mess.

Honey without the sugar

If you have been turned off by any other low carb keto sugar replacement you have to try monk fruit! It's very much like honey except you dont need much and it doesn't soike your insulin. I use this with anything and I mean even cooking savory things!